Re: 1100GTO +APCC Pro + SkyTrack = My first ISS

Roger Laureys

Hello Roberto,

Great first effort !!!

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Subject: [ap-gto] 1100GTO +APCC Pro + SkyTrack = My first ISS

Hello All

My first ever attempt at imaging the ISS below yesterday evening from London.  

Using an 1100GTO running APCC Pro with pointing corrections. SkyTrack by Brent Boshart directing the tracking and without which I would not have been able to catch the ISS with my 10" Mak at F20!  In fact, the little thing just flew past and I could not re-centre it until it was on its way down. 

10” TEC F20 in tandem with a 94mm F7 triplet made by Roland in the Vernonscope days and two video cameras running.

ASI178MM with 94mm F7 refractor:  0.307ms/102fps/108gain/25gamma
ASI462MC with 250mm F20 Mak:  0.505ms/134fps/250gain/50gamma

Check the RAW captured videos at the link below:


94mm F7 and 250mm F20

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