Re: Eagle 8” Tripod for AP1100?

Roland Christen

The Eagle gets steadier the more weight you put on it. To hold an 1100 mount would require some modification of the top, or a larger pier.


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Yeah for sure.

The Eagle was known to hold the Mach 2 and an AG 12.5 scope with perfectly good frames from the perspective of the mount.

Roland has an even bigger load on his. Close to 100lbs scope and imaging train alone 

There's some data here, from the Eagle, Mach 2 and AG12.5:!AtqRof7LftCbg7w7cULG6my8_qiC-A?e=wqSNNp

Clearly good, and not overloaded. Perhaps you'll have a look and change your mind.

Everyone here has already done that.


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Thats what I’m thinking, there is definitely a market for this item for those of us who want a tripod solution directly from Astro-Physics. 
At a sale price of ~$2500 I would be interested. 

Roland Christen

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