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michael mccann

Hi Dale

Thanks for taking the time. That night I had upgraded to Beta right after, ran the same Frame ‘Slew and Center’, did the same thing. Since I was using my laptop to determine how APCC and APPM needed to be setup before configuring my NUC minicomputer to run it. The next morning I setup the minicomputer and have been running on that since.
Is. That time setting in Ascom in your Ascom AP V2 or regular Ascom app? Making sure I know what to look for since I go between mountain standard time and pacific standard time.


On Dec 1, 2021, at 06:35, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> wrote:

Hi Michael, I'm just replying to this thread here.

The DST time issue you described in the other thread would definitely have a bearing on this issue. In versions of NINA that are newer than what you are using, I added a check at mount connection time that compares the time of your PC with the time that a mount's driver reports, and we kick out a warning if there is more than an hour of difference of difference between the two. It is likely that you would have seen that warning in this case if you were running a newer version of NINA. This test has already helped several people realize the source of their pointing issues (bad time) and has even uncovered a bug in a different mount driver!

So, make sure that your mount's time configuration is sorted out and get updated to the NINA 2.0 beta, then see if this issue recurs or not. Please let us know how it works out for you.

On Nov 29, 2021, at 03:57, michael mccann via <mmccawsprojects@...> wrote:

The weirdest thing happened tonight, and it worked fine last night. After using PHD2 —>
- using NINA framing tool I initiated the ‘slew and center ‘ function on M31
- AP 1600 slewed to within a few seconds of the targeted framing destination
-Nina plate-solve tool takes a photo, Andromeda is mostly in the photos and ASTAP reports “00,44,05 and 41,12,31 just a little off,
- plate-solve initiates a slew to correct, However slews to — 22,05,15 and 41,20,30many degrees off.

- plate-solve initiates a slew to correct, However slews to — 00,43,32 and 41,12,31 close, only a little off.

- plate-solve initiates a slew to correct, However slews to — 22,05,53 and 41,20,31 again many degrees off.
This happened several more times before I stopped it.

Question: could meridian limits interfere?? I tested several other targets that weren’t testing the limits. I had the same tennis court action from NINA plate solve and ASTAP .

So that leads to probably asking how to resolve this. I’m hoping that someone here recognizes which software ( NINA or ASTAP) that needs to address this issue.

Oh, this acted the same with an October or November nightly version of NINA and Sunday’s version of Beta.

Thanks ahead


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