Re: Mach 2 Parking Funnies

Roland Christen

Sounds like maybe location or time is incorrect or inconsistent between the keypad, ASCOM driver and/or APCC.


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I saw this once before but that was several months ago.  I send the scope to Park2 and looking at the scope and index marks it's clearly in the correct position but the APCC readout says something like Az=87, El=-11.  So I send the mount to the home position and then back to Park2 and APCC properly indicates Az=90, El=0 (the scope is exactly where it was the first time but not the readout is correct).  I properly shut everything down.  This evening when I start it back up it's back to saying Az=87, El=-11 even though it's clearly at 90/0. back to the home position and then back to Park2 and once again it's correct.  Strange.


Roland Christen

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