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Yes, the RAPAS will fit into all 1600 mounts.



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Subject: [ap-gto] 1600GTO PA scope question

I was contacted by a local school asking for help in getting their 1600GTO balanced and PA'd. It's being put back into commission for visual use by faculty after sitting unused for quite a long time, and it was recently sent back to A-P to get restored and serviced before being installed back into the rehabbed dome they have. More kids using some quality gear in the furtherance of STEM education. Great!

My contact at the school isn't aware of any PA scope in their possession, so I figure that I'll bring my own RAPAS with me. This thought made me pause, though. Were all 1600s shipped equipped to use the RAPAS, or is there a chance that this presumably older 1600 could be fitted for the PASILL? I didn't spot any PASILL -> RAPAS upgrade parts on the 1600's upgrades page on the A-P store, but an older version of the manual mentions both the RAPAS and PASILL. If worse comes to worse and the RAPAS can't be used, I'll eyeball it and then hone it in using the meridian drift method.

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