Re: Anyone using an Intel NUC or Mini PC?

Lee Dodge


I traditionally use an inexpensive Dell laptop and a USB hub to acquire data for my pics.  However, it is usually cold in my dome at 8500 ft. of elevation, and 100 ft. away I have a heated room in my barn/garage.  I set up wifi link with antennas on both ends, and ended up purchasing another similar laptop, installed Windows 10 Pro on the laptop in the dome, and used Remote Desktop to connect the two. That way, in warm weather I can stay in the dome when I want and have full control of everything, and move to the heated room when desired, and still control everything (except the dome that is not automated)  The wifi link is good for 15 miles or so, and it works flawlessly over the 100 ft. or so, even though the heated room is in a metal building.  Of course, I use wiring from the external antenna into the computer in the heated room.  



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