Re: Portability of RA and DEC modules

On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 05:39 PM, W Hilmo wrote:
I make my own power cables.
This is really the most straightforward solution.  With $100-150 USD from Powerwerx/Amazon you can get a bunch of pigtails in various configurations, a powerpole crimper and connectors (get the real thing not the fakes), and some 14AWG or 16AWG wire (the former for longer runs or the "main" run if you run everything off one power supply).  This will get you ready for practically any changes you ever need to make.  Look through powerwerx distribution blocks and meters while there, some nice handy stuff. 

I have switched to powerpoles for everything that I can, their connectors are easy to use, secure, and can be crimped securely without solder (though some do solder anyway).  But you still need those barrel connectors for most cameras and similar.  5.5/2.1 and 5.5/2.5 are both widely used, and it is easier to buy pigtails and connect wires to them, as they are a bit of a pain to solder if you do it infrequently.

That leaves most dew strips, which still use RCA connectors mostly.  And most use coax wire which is painful to splice (really, really tiny wire).  R-Sky (in Russia but he ships to the US and so I assume most places) will custom make their length for you, as well as a different connector if you prefer.  Takes a while to get, but very nice if you want neater cables.  Of course the easy thing to do is just coil up all the extra on a standard dew heater and remember that it's dark and no one will see.  

Long reply for short answer: yes, you should learn to make your own cables, or you will be forever buying adapters.  It is a lot easier than imaging.  :) 


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