Re: New NINA plugin for APCC now in beta: Astro-Physics Tools

On Fri, Nov 26, 2021 at 10:34 AM, michael mccann wrote:
Which one may ask: if doing two targets, run the two areas at the beginning or run the second just after the first target is done?
If doing it in NINA, You need to do it at the beginning of each target.  There's no provision in the (current) NINA sequencer to load a prior model (obviously a human could in APPM if you wake up for the event).  In other words your sequence: 

  do model 1 
  slew/center/whatever to set up target 1
  loop for this target's images
  finish target
  do model 2
  slew/center/whatever to set up this target
  loop for this target
  finish target

The point is after the model completes it is active.  There's no provision to switch to a prior model. 

The really nice part about what Ray and Dale have done for unguided imagers is that all this is now easily set up in your sequencer, there's no need for the human to be awake when this second model is built, and since it is a localized model it builds quickly. Two nicely dense models for two separate targets might in total 15 minutes; an equally dense whole sky model might waste 1-2 hours.  There's a lot of efficiency in just modeling a part of the sky, especially for portable setups where you cannot reuse a single all-sky dense model. 


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