Re: New NINA plugin for APCC now in beta: Astro-Physics Tools

On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 12:34 PM, ap@... wrote:
In other words, do we need to turn off the model when leaving the area of the sky covered by a Dec Arc model, or does APCC do that on the fly by ignoring it?
So I think I can answer my own question.  Last night I built a model for PacMan that covered maybe 60% of its Arc.  It modeled nicely, and had good tracking, and really good guiding (and yes, I realize it's probably pointless to do a model and guide, but am experimenting to learn). 

This morning I had NINA slew to zenith (which does a slew to ax 0/0/2 and dec 89/59/59 though not sure what command it actually sends).  The mount ended up on the wrong pierside and pointing off by maybe 10 degrees.

I turned off pointing corrections and it went back to normal with another slew-to-zenith: 

I guess it is not surprising given the wacky large numbers in the model (though the model worked nicely for that area of the sky). 

The moral of the story for me - don't use a Dec Arc model well away from where you modeled.   

Ray?  Advice welcomed, did I do something else wrong, or is that basically the answer?   


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