Re: New NINA plugin for APCC now in beta: Astro-Physics Tools

Thank you Dale, this looks to be incredibly useful for those who set up and tear down and do not want to build a whole sky model each night, especially those who image unguided.  


This brings up a question I guess is more for Ray about Dec Arc models in general.


Let's say I build a model for a target past meridian in the north west, load it, image a while.  The model only has points in that area, it tracks the target nicely. All good.   (Not hypothetical, I did it last night with Dale's plugin).


Now the model is still loaded, and I go to the East... I THINK there is no eastern sky model loaded so the model is ignored when I point to the eastern sky, right?  At least if I look in the model display that side is blank.


How about the south west, the model display shows a model for that area.  Is the decision to use/not only east/west, or if I now image the south west, way away from where I modeled by same pierside, is that model still used?  Or is it smart enough to notice it has no points near there, and not do any corrections in that area of the sky?


In other words, do we need to turn off the model when leaving the area of the sky covered by a Dec Arc model, or does APCC do that on the fly by ignoring it?


I ask because my model last night when I tried this was great in the area modeled, but had some wacky numbers in some of the model fields (that I expect if applied in other areas of the sky would be pretty far off because they were way different from my whole sky model).  


I was not smart enough last night to actually try tracking in another sky area to see if it applied corrections (IQ is inversely proportional to the number of dark hours you have been up).


I guess the 'right' answer is build a new Dec Arc model for the new area of the sky you want to go to.  😊


But is there a second choice, do we need to turn it off, or is APCC doing that for us implicitly?   Or is there a third choice?




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