Re: Guide star lost after dithering


Hi yanzhe liu

Your question is probably better answered in the PHD user forums, but either way, you will need to upload your guidelogs


On Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 1:28 PM yanzhe liu <liuyanzhe@...> wrote:
Not sure what the issue is and whether it is mount related, hope someone can help me out.

I have been using SGPro + PHD2 + AP mount without any issue for years, but recently PHD2 often loses guide star after dithering.

It happens to mach2 mount only (so far so good for AP1100), but it did not happen until I upgraded PHD2 to 2.6.10 (and 2.6.9dev4 for multi-star guiding).

One strange thing is that whenever the guide star is lost, there is always a big spike on DEC guiding (and the spike is always 12 pixels), even though I enable PHD2 "RA only" dither. Changing SGP settings does not help either (except disabling dither).


Brian Valente

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