Re: APCC Not Restarting Cleanly

Jerome A Yesavage

Ray I am still confused since that call is right at the top of the Shutdown Script.

I changed the order of the shutdown so that the last thing powered off is the mount and I still have the driver problem when I restart and have to reboot the computer. 

function main()
    var SEQTOK, buf;
    var doDawnCalFrames = false;
    FSO = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

    Console.LogFile = Prefs.LocalUser.DefaultLogDir + "\\Scheduler\\ShutdownObs-" +
                Util.FormatVar(new Date().getVarDate(), "yyyymmdd") + "@" +
                Util.FormatVar(new Date().getVarDate(), "HhNnSs") + ".log";
    Console.Logging = true;

    // Similar to shutdown logic in AcquireSupport.wsc
    if(Telescope.Connected) {
        Console.PrintLine("Parking scope 2");
        Telescope.Park();                                               // Park the scope if possible, and/or close/park dome
        if(Telescope.Connected) {
            Console.PrintLine("Disconnecting Scope 2");
            Telescope.Connected = false;

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