Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

Dale Ghent

On Nov 23, 2021, at 11:14, Brian Valente <bvalente@...> wrote:

I would just add that when I process my ASI6200 OSC files in PixInsight, each debayered file is around 850mb. That doesn't include the other interim files (calibrated, cosmetized, etc.). They are huge

I also try for the longest subs i can to reduce the number of files i have to integrate.
Ah yes, I forgot he as the color version. Yeah, debayering is going to blow that footprint up a bit earlier in the processing chain of events.

pull it out on the rare occasion that I need it, which is usually just to rip a music CD.
You still use Music CDs?? :-)
The music labels for the genres of music that I (used to) DJ for still release a bit of music on non-downloadable formats. Streaming and file downloads are by far typical now, but remixes and some limited edition tracks with art occasionally pop up only in CD or 12" EP only. Back in The Day(tm), before everyone had broadband and MP3s were still a twinkle in MPEG's eye, producers and DJs would mail or trade you a DAT or Sony Minidisc because the bandwidth of those in the first class or international postal mail was still better than dialup modem at the time :V

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