Eltima Virtual Ports


Last week I spoke with Howard about the issue with Eltima. I am posting my issue here to see if anyone else has this issue and maybe has a work around?

I have a GTOCP5 with APCC pro version Everything was working fine until upgrading to a new computer that runs windows 11. APCC was working fine but I had problems with my camera driver on windows 11. I uninstalled windows 11 and installed windows 10 thinking maybe that would fix the camera issue.  During the uninstall of windows 11 all the programs were deleted and I had to download APCC Pro again. The problem is the Eltima Virtual port software is not loading (at least that's my understanding). I have uninstalled and reinstalled APCC Pro as late as today. The Eltima is still missing. I saw a recent post where Ray said that the Eltima drivers were updated for v1.9.0.11 - but like I mentioned the download (v1.9.0.11) doesn't appear to be installing Eltima. Maybe I am not understanding the difference between Eltima software and the driver.  

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