Re: APPM Will Not Connect to NINA Camera

Dale Ghent

The Enable Server setting (and a few other things that need to get loaded early after app launch, such as font selection, etc) is stored as a Windows/.NET application level setting and not as part of the active NINA profile, which gets loaded in much later.

The app settings file itself is in %LOCAPPDATA%\NINA, where you'll find a subdirectory called "NINA.exe_<hash>", and in there will be a user.config XML file. If that subfolder and file get wiped, perhaps by a utility that tries to be "helpful" and cleans up after uninstalled apps, then that can be a reason why settings don't get migrated across an upgrade.

On Nov 23, 2021, at 11:20, Sébastien Doré <> wrote:

In NINA, did you go to Options > General and turn on Enable Server? This turns on the API service that APPM must use to access the camera via NINA.

I had the same "problem" and have found that in recent NINA 1.11 updates, that specific setting isn't stored in the profile anymore or at least seem to be reset to default (=disabled) with each re-install even without uninstallling NINA first.

I don't recall having to do so with every update when I first started using NINA last summer. I suppose there's a reason for that but haven't inquire about it on the NINA discord.

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