Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

Dale Ghent

Taking your 16200 chip, 4500x3600 pixels = 16,200,000 pixels at 16 bits per pixel. That's 32.4MB of pixel data, or 30.8 Mebibytes. Add in another however little bit more for header data, and you arrive at your observed 30.9MiB file size.

For Roland's ASI6200, that's ~61 million 16 bit pixels. That's 122MB, or 116MiB of pixel data per image. Capturing these kinds of images doesn't take much, just hdd/ssd storage. Processing them requires a large working set in memory which, in practical terms, means a system with 16GB (or more) of memory to be comfortable.

Laptops can last for quite a long time on average and seeing a consumer-grade one kicking around after 8 years is not uncommon provided it's not used as a frisbee. The reason why companies tend to refresh their fleets of devices every 3-5 years is because that's how long the typical service contract and warranties last, and maintaining 5 year old models that are used daily takes more effort and toil than it would for a new system.

USB port count has tended to stay the same across the same model lines, and I think in some cases has gone up as the move to USB-C has afforded more physical space to fit additional ports. My 2019 MacBook Pro has 4x USB-C ports where my previous MBP had 3x USB-A ports. USB-C also has brought a wider adoption of "docking hub" style accessories, where a small, compact box that has power, video, ethernet, oodles of USB ports, and even SD card readers will connect to the laptop with a single cable, a cable that carries both data and high wattage power to the laptop.

If I need a CDROM drive, I keep a USB one squirreled away in a drawer and pull it out on the rare occasion that I need it, which is usually just to rip a music CD. I see no reason for these to continue to be integrated into laptops where they only add bulk to the thing for only occasional use; plus they're mechanical animals and thus prone to breaking on their own. It's much easier to sell off a working laptop without a CD drive vs. selling one that works but has a broken CD drive.

On Nov 23, 2021, at 09:34, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Great question about laptop specs Roland.

The FITS subframe images from my STXL16200 camera are each 30.9MB, and the stacked LRGB images are 185 MB. What size are the images from your ZWO camera ?

What is the typical life expectancy of a laptop (or any) computer these days ? That is assuming that it has not been damaged. When I was still working they used to replace our company laptops about every 3 - 5 years. My personal laptop is an ASUS Q552U that I bought at the end of 2015. I wanted to find a laptop that had a built-in CD-ROM, and this was one of the only models that had one. It's got the Intel I7 core with 12GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive. I have had pretty good luck with it for imaging and processing, but I have never tried to process a really large stack of images.

I have noticed lately that they are not putting very many USB ports in the new model laptops.


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