APPM Will Not Connect to NINA Camera

Bob Enouen

Hi All!

First post from a newbie, but I've been following these helpful posts for a few weeks.  I had my first successful imaging session last night with my observatory based RC 16" / AP1600 non-encoder / ASI 6200MM setup on 120 second subs unguided.  I was hoping to taking it to the next level by adding an APPM file, but got ejected from the program each time I tried to connect APPM to the Camera with NINA selected.  I'm able to plate solve in NINA directly and the 6200MM is working fine so I figure I must have missed some selection in APPC or APPM. I'm using the latest Beta NINA and the latest APCC Pro.  Here are a couple of screen shots on the setup and the error report that shuts down the program.  Any advice would be appreciated!


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