Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

Steve Armen

This is just my opinion based on my experience. If a laptop is really the form factor you want to use, possibly for image acquisition and image processing, I suggest going with Lenovo. Here is one combination that would be very powerful. You can equip these machines with upto 64GB of memory and select an intel I9 core. That helps with image processing. This type of machine would be much more pricey than what you would find a Costco, however. 


ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 (16" Intel) Mobile Workstation

Spectacular on all fronts

  • Powered by Intel® with the latest Core™ or Xeon® processors

  • Up to NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs

  • Redesigned thermals for increased graphics support

  • PCIe Gen 4 for faster, advanced storage technologies

  • Optional 5G and built-in WiFi 6E

  • Built-in ThinkShield security features

  • A powerful & visually stunning, 16" mobile workstation

  • 4th generation of the legendary ThinkPad® P1 laptop

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 7:51 PM Roland Christen via <> wrote:
At Ray's suggestion I plugged the mount into a USB socket on one side of the laptop and the camera into the opposite side (USB ports separated). That seemed to have fixed the issue. Normally I plug them in to the 2 adjacent USB ports, and that's where the trouble occurs.

I plan to get a new laptop now that I have hosed this one in the rainstorm. Any suggestions for a laptop that can process the ZWO 6200 full frame color images that are of enormous size? Right now the laptop cannot combine more than 4 of them before giving up the ghost. Not enough memory apparently.


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I finally got to test my system outdoors last Friday night to see if I could duplicate the original problems that I experienced on November 8 when the mount status and position stopped communicating to MaxIm DL, locking everything up.

I had everything set up the same way as I did for my previous indoor test. I put the mount through several slews to different objects with no issues. At each object I started autoguiding with the guide camera while taking images through the main imaging camera. I took several autosave sequences as well as a number of individual images. Throughout the evening everything behaved normally.

I have run out of ideas for things to check, so for now I will just assume that it was some kind of anomaly.


Roland Christen

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