Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

Roland Christen

At Ray's suggestion I plugged the mount into a USB socket on one side of the laptop and the camera into the opposite side (USB ports separated). That seemed to have fixed the issue. Normally I plug them in to the 2 adjacent USB ports, and that's where the trouble occurs.

I plan to get a new laptop now that I have hosed this one in the rainstorm. Any suggestions for a laptop that can process the ZWO 6200 full frame color images that are of enormous size? Right now the laptop cannot combine more than 4 of them before giving up the ghost. Not enough memory apparently.


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I finally got to test my system outdoors last Friday night to see if I could duplicate the original problems that I experienced on November 8 when the mount status and position stopped communicating to MaxIm DL, locking everything up.

I had everything set up the same way as I did for my previous indoor test. I put the mount through several slews to different objects with no issues. At each object I started autoguiding with the guide camera while taking images through the main imaging camera. I took several autosave sequences as well as a number of individual images. Throughout the evening everything behaved normally.

I have run out of ideas for things to check, so for now I will just assume that it was some kind of anomaly.


Roland Christen

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