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Howard Ritter

It was mostly an idle thought, but I wish I’d been paying more attention when you were producing the 175 f/8 StarFire EDF back in 2012.


On Nov 22, 2021, at 2:29 PM, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

I only wish AP still made something in the 175 to 180 mm range
For imaging at ~F5 or for visual at ~F8?


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Thanks, Mike. I love “origin stories“ like this. I only wish AP still made something in the 175 to 180 mm range. Interesting that Roland’s choice for his Hawaii dark sky site is apparently a 175 Starfire.

On Nov 22, 2021, at 12:38, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Hi Howard

Yes, I really count myself lucky to have a 180EDT. It is a great scope.

Before I bought the 180EDT I had been debating between a Celestron C14 and a 7-inch F9 Starfire. About the same time that I decided to go with a refractor, A-P introduced the 155EDF with the 4-inch focuser. I really liked the 155EDF and the beautiful astro-photos taken through it that Tony and Daphne Hallas were publishing in the magazines. So, then I had a to decide between the 7-inch F9 Starfire, and the 155EDF. I decided to go with the 7-inch F9 because it had a larger aperture and was considerably cheaper than the 155EDF. I was ready to place an order for the 7-inch Starfire when I learned that A-P had sold out of the 7-inch version. I thought I was out of luck on a large refractor until I talked to Marj on the phone and she told me that they were phasing out the Starfires and going to start producing the new EDT design which would be available in a 180 mm aperture. Shortly after that phone call I placed my order. 

There was no notification list in those days, and I must have been one of the first people to order a 180EDT. The serial number on my lens cell is 18010.


Roland Christen

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