Re: On AP Telescopes


My AP Traveler was a great astrograph with the field flattener. Supported 6x7 film format no problem, and when the SBIG ST10 came out, it produced wonderful hydrogen alpha images.    Unfortunately I never warmed up to it visually and eventually, like my domestic automobiles,  sold it for a Japanese import.  No regrets, but I am amused today as to how it has become a "must have" collectible with so many scopes in the same size and F/ratio range.  Out of my collection of AP telescopes, the 254mm Mak-cass is the clear winner when it comes to observing pleasure.  If I can keep only one AP, that would be it.  Well OK, maybe  keep the Stowaway as a finder for it.  ;-) 

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Great Video !

Life is full of missed opportunities. When I ordered my first A-P scope back in 1992 I was mainly interested in the 180 EDT, but I was also going to order a Traveler along with it. Unfortunately, my budget could not quite handle two refractors and a mount all at once, so something had to go. I took the Traveler off my order intending to buy one later, but I never did.


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