One spot config for portable setup #APCC #Mach2GTO

Greg McCall

I've been waiting for the upcoming suggestions for enhancements but as it has not yet appeared, I'm going to suggest something now, particularly when I notice some upgrades are being built (between APCC and NINA)
I'm always portable and I have a mixture of OTAs and cameras.
I'm suggesting that we should have a one spot configuration for all AP software config (APCC & APPM) and that it be single profile based.

I'd like site specific stuff (GPS/location and horison) in a single screen (select something and it's all there for a site and I should not have to go anywhere else)
Close by, an OTA and camera combination setup screen all in one screen with the ability to save as a single file profile.

(a bit like SGPro config screen(s) in one spot and being saved as a single profile file.

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