Re: APPM Model sanity check (suggestion)

Dale Ghent

On Nov 16, 2021, at 20:25, W Hilmo <> wrote:

Thanks! That is helpful.

I notice that the version that I'm running does not have the Dec Arc tab in the properties for the plug-in. The plug-in version number that I have is

What version do I need, and do I need to do anything to get it other than download a nightly build that has it?
This dec arc code isn't released yet. APCC's current beta introduces a new REST API for controlling how APPM is configured, so I've spent the past day or so converting the plugin over to it. Prior to this API, the instruction would generate a configuration file of parameters and launch APPM with an argument that told it to use that file. Better testing can be done once some loose ends with this API are addressed.

Speaking of testing, it looks like weather and prior obligations will lock me out of testing this under actual sky until later next week. We're getting our first winter storm on Monday or Tuesday, and I won't be available on the only clear-ish night between now and then. My remote setup plans can't happen soon enough (and those are still roughly a year out from coming to fruition.)

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