Re: APCC Not Restarting Cleanly

Jerome A Yesavage


I realize I have that checked, BUT, I also come to realize that the ACP model script shuts the mount down first, but Maxim and the camera keep running for a while to allow the chip to warm slowly.  Thus, the ASCOM connection between Maxim guiding and APCC must still be up when APCC tries to shut down. 

Would it make more sense to only shut the mount/APCC down after Maxim (and FocusMax which also uses the mount) shut down.  All this can be re-sequenced.  Then nothing would be using the mount when APCC shuts down?

Parenthetically, I also wonder if I can just shut the CMOS camera down more suddenly that my old CCD where the lore was you had to do this slowly. 



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