Takahashi TOA-130 on a mach1

Linda Thomas

I recently bought a new-to-me but pristine TOA-130. I hadn’t planned to buy a larger telescope until I upgraded my mount from the current EQ6-r I’ve been using but this was too good an opportunity to pass up. The EQ6-r has actually done better than I expected but it’s really asking quite a lot of it for it to handle this beast of a telescope.

I’m actually on the waiting list for a Mach2 but a friend with an older Mach1 is kindly going to lend me his mount in the meantime. I have an Avalon T-Pod 110 that I was thinking of mounting it on. Is that a good option for this combination? I won’t be traveling with this setup but it will have to set up/tear down periodically. I’ve got a scope cover I can use if the weather isn’t too scary but when the bigger storms come through it has the option to stay outside for longer periods.

I know I’l need the Flat Surface Adapter to attach the mount to the tripod. I’m also guessing I’ll need a pier extension to raise the mount up for the long telescope. I’m at 39N lattitude. Would an 8 inch extension be the right choice?

I might need a bracket to attach the control box to the tripod…not sure how he currently has his attached to a wood tripod now though I have that question out to him. If his current bracket isn’t suitable, what would I need for the T-Pod 110?

Thanks in advance!


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