Heavy piggyback considerations


Hi all,

Our backyard observatory's current configuration is a TMB-152 on an AP1200GTO, with a light (Borg 90FL) piggybacked. Please see attachment as an illustration. The TMB rides on the mount via rings bolted on to a Losmandy dovetail bar.

I'd like to occasionally piggyback a heavier scope on the TMB. Specifically, a Takahashi FSQ-106 with an STL-series camera. Maybe even an AP130 Gran Turismo.

I believe I've seen a picture on this group (or perhaps the old Yahoo group) of a Mak piggybacked on a refractor (with Roland standing by), so it does appear that such a configuration is feasible (anyone know where that picture is?).

Are there any considerations or concerns about this configuration (a smaller, but heavy, refractor piggybacked on the TMB)? Specifically, should I be concerned (or not at all) about the weight of the piggybacked scope affecting (stressing) the TMB OTA? Or is the structural load actually borne by the rings and I don't have anything to be concerned with?


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