Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

M Hambrick

I ran another series of indoor experiments last night trying to duplicate the problem I experienced on November 8

I set up using my normal configuration with the 1100 mount connected to APCC via ethernet cable and to the AP-V2 Driver through a virtual port. Next I started up MaxIm DL and connected to my cameras (STXL16200 imaging and ST2000-XM guiding). This time, instead of plugging the camera USB cables directly into the USB ports on the laptop I plugged them into the REX unit of an Icron Ranger 2304. Finally, I connected MaxIm DL to the mount through the AP-V2 driver. 

Even when running the cameras through the USB hub (not recommended by Diffraction Ltd) I was not able to replicate the issue from the other night. I put the mount through a series of GoTo commands from both the Catalog tab in the MaxIm DL Observatory Control window, and from the Target Coordinates window in the Telescope tab. Each time I moved the mount I took several images after the slewing was completed. In every case the telescope status and position in MaxIm DL matched what it was in APCC and the AP-V2 driver.

Although it is not normal to try to slew the mount while guiding (except by mistake) I want to try another variation of this experiment with the guider running. But since I can not really simulate guiding indoors I will have to set up outdoors to do so. The theory is that excessive "traffic" in the USB cables may be causing MaxIm DL to lose its way.


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