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Roland Christen

Then using the Keypad, I pointed the scope on Vega and did a recall with The Sky6.
Try not to mix 2 seperate programs when you do parks or go-to and recals, at least for the sake of troubleshooting it is much more straight forward to know what is going on if you use just one external app to control the mount. The Keypad is an external app, by the way. I'm betting that you have different time, date or location between the two programs. Remove SkyX from the equation and just get the keypad working first.

By the way, when you post your sequence below, it would help to know which program you used to send the mount to Park3. Keypad, or SkyX or ASCOM driver? Best to do everything, at least for setups or troubleshooting with one program. It's also important to have time, date, etc. correct and the same in every external app.


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Well, I’ve loosened the clutches, told the mount to goto park 3 and when the mount stopped, I placed the axes manually
in park 3 position and tightened the clutches. Then I chose Vega from The Sky 6 pro. The mount proceeded to point
somewhere in the North West. Then using the Keypad, I pointed the scope on Vega and did a recall with The Sky6.
I then told the mount to goto Deneb and the scope took off to the east and stopped on nowhere.
As I said in a previous email, all I did prior to this was lubricate my mount.
AP1200 #863     The Sky 6 pro     Windows 10     Keypad External
Thank you for any help,
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