Re: Lost in space update

Mike Dodd

On 11/13/2021 7:12 PM, Astrobob wrote:
Well, I’ve loosened the clutches, told the mount to goto park 3 and
when the mount stopped, I placed the axes manually in park 3 position and tightened the clutches. Then I chose Vega from The Sky 6 pro. The mount proceeded to point somewhere in the North West.
Oops! Did you do an Unpark from Park3 first?

The entire reason for leveling the mount in Park3 (Park5 is preferred) is to then unpark from that known position, so the CP has a reference point. THEN slew to a known star and do a sync in SkyX (remember to set the ASCOM driver to use Recalibrate for Sync commands).

--- Mike

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