Re: M31 from Paducah Skies Observatory

Steven Panish

Very, very nice!  Worth all the time.


On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 8:43 PM Robert Chozick via <> wrote:
I got a lot of data for this M31 shot.  I took 4 hours of OSC, 20 min of OSC 30 second for the core, 3 hours of RGB, 5.5 hours of Luminosity and 2 hours of Ha.  I used my ASI2600MC for OSC and ASI2600MM for the others.  I played with different combinations and did find the RGB does look better than fhe OSC but not by a whole lot.  The main difference was that the RGB had more varied and deeper color.  I need to learn some new process for combining all this but I think it came out ok.  I really want to learn how to better combine the Ha into this.  For this I just put about 25% of the Ha into the Luminosity.  I know Pixinsight has a process but I do not know how to use Pixel Math.


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