Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

Roland Christen

I think I may have figured out how to make it fail.

I did a series of tests to see where MaximDL fails:
1) Turned on the mount, initialized with the keypad.

2) Connected Maxim via USB. Driver came up, shows tracking and sky position. Slewed with Maxim, and everything worked.

3) Connected SkyX. Maxim still worked correctly, SkyX shows proper position and driver also.

4) Attached CMOS camera, took an image with Maxim. Tried 5 degree slew, but scope did not move. RA and DEC disappeared on the ASCOM driver window. Slewed with keypad which worked fine. Tried slewing with SkyX which failed.

5) Disconnected the camera, disconnected SkyX and shut it down, disconnected Maxim from the mount and shut it down.

6) Brought Maxim back up. Reconnected Maxim as in step 2 above. Driver came up with no RA/Dec in the ASCOM window. Maxim would not connect.

Needs re-boot of the laptop to get things to work again, but as soon as the camera takes an image, the problem with Maxim re-appears.


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I may have set mine up completely incorrectly because it was still using the AP-V2 Driver in the loop. Here are the steps that I took to set up:

Device Hub:

When I clicked on the Properties in the ASCOM Telescope Chooser window it opened up the ASCOM V2 Telescope Driver. I had to change the COM Port from the APCC virtual port to the IP address (since I am using an ethernet cable). After I did this, when I clicked the check port button I got the mount found message.

After I did this I was able to connect to the mount using the ASCOM Device Hub.

In MaxIm I did the setup as follows:

Once this was done I was able to connect to the mount with MaxIm

Roland Christen

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