Re: Sudden run-away during imaging run #APCC #Guiding


Hi John

My best guess is your dither at 23:29 resulted in PHD guiding on a hot pixel, so it would definitely mimic something like your scope "not moving"
in subsequent guiding, it no longer was on a hot pixel

Couple things to mention in your PHD settings to avoid this (and also some thoughts on your settings in general):
set your minimum HFD to at least 2 pixels

not sure why you are bin 2? you can bin 1 and still have a good image scale for guiding

i also suggest increasing your exposure to the 2-3 second range. at 1 second you are chasing seeing. Your graphs look pretty choppy so I suspect that's the case here. 

On Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 11:55 PM Endymion <john.creigh@...> wrote:
Thanks Brian!   Attached are the logs.   The event occurred around 23:27.



Brian Valente

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