Re: Lost in space

Lee Dodge

OK, a variation on the same theme for my AP1100 with absolute encoders.  I was happily imaging on Arp273, even using the pointing and tracking model that I  had made just for that declination (I used +35 and +40 degrees declination).  I was ready to climb out of the dome and take over with my other computer located in a warm building.  I bumped the scope enough to throw it off by a degree or so.  I asked APPM to plate solve and recal.  It tried and failed, even using AllSky.  I remembered that with absolute encoders you could ask the mount to Go Home, which I did.  However, I could not remember what to do after it got to Home.  Then I tried going to Polaris, and doing a recal there (a bad idea). 

What was I supposed to do with the Go Home command?


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