Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

M Hambrick

Hi Roland

Yes I did. I did two separate slews to objects that I selected from the Catalog tab in the MaxIm DL Observatory Control window. I also parked and then un-parked the mount from MaxIm and in each case the mount status was being correctly picked up in MaxIm.

Did I understand your previous post correctly that this configuration (MaxIm connected directly to mount via AP-V2 Driver and NOT through APCC) is what you have been using when you experienced the same issue ? If so, then the only difference with what I have done is that I am using an ethernet cable, and I believe that you are using USB.

I am not sure that it will make any difference, but until now, I have been running these experiments without my cameras connected. Normally I will have two cameras connected to MaxIm as well as the mount. I plan to check this out as well, but for now, my next experiments will be to try a different ethernet (Cat 6a) cable with the current scenario, then to go back to using APCC.


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