Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

M Hambrick

Doug George at Diffraction Ltd had me run an experiment to connect to the mount through the ASCOM Device Hub (by way of the AP-V2 ASCOM Driver) instead of APCC, and then connecting MaxIm DL to the mount through the Device Hub. When this was all done I had three different screens showing the status of the mount; the ASCOM Device Hub, MaxIm DL, and the AP-V2 Driver.

I am not sure if I set everything up as Doug was asking me to do. It seems to me that whether I am using APCC or the ASCOM Device Hub, the communication from MaxIm to the mount is still by way of the AP-V2 Driver. The only difference is that the connection to the mount from the AP-V2 Driver was done using the IP address of the mount instead of using the APCC virtual port.

The object of this experiment was to make slewing commands to the mount and compare the mount status in all three after the command was executed. I did this and gave several GoTo commands as well as a park command to the mount from MaxIm. In each case, all three screens were in agreement as to the mount status after the slew was complete (see example below).

I think the next experiment is to go back to my original setup through APCC

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