Re: Oops! Powered-ff mount while still connected

Roland Christen

is the "park anywhere" feature valid only with the
hand box connected?
No, the park anywhere feature is correct regardless of what is used for initialization.
In your special case we don't know what was sent to the mount when you powered it back on. One would have to dig thru your ASCOM log file to figure out why the alt-az was off.


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On 11/11/2021 10:04 AM, Dale Ghent wrote:
> Seems like quite an involved procedure you have there.

As I wrote, "I had occasion to check" the pointing accuracy. This is not
my normal startup procedure. I normally power-up everything, unpark, and
start an ACP imaging run. No sweat. But last night was special: I needed
to do the Park5 level, then a recal.

> As for your power-off issue, the mount's CP would come back up in an uninitialized state after being powered on.

Why? I thought AP mounts have a "park anywhere" feature where
powering-off the mount means it's parked, and it remembers where it was
when powered-on again. Did the fact that it was connected via ASCOM mess
up this feature? IOW, is the "park anywhere" feature valid only with the
hand box connected?

  Are you using the AP ASCOM driver in TSX, or are you using TXS'
bult-in AP mount driver?

I'm using the AP ASCOM driver Ray wrote. My first connection was with
the APJog utility. SkyX was the second connection.

> If you're using the AP ASCOM driver:
> For step 3, you can manually go out and loosen the clutches and rearrange the axes so that they're in a park 5 position, then do the park to current, followed by the unpark from 5... but any plate solver should do just fine if you've instead nudged things close enough to park 5, and the correction via the plate solve+sync operation will be exact.

Yep, that's what I did yesterday, Except (since I knew the mount was
pretty close to being correct), I Parked to Park5, loosened the clutches
to level the mount there, tightened the clutches, then did Unpark From
Last Parked. Everything was fine, and my initial slew to a star put it
only 8-10 arcmin from the center of the camera sensor. I tweaked to
exact center, then did a recal in SkyX. All other slews resulted in the
star being within 2-3 arcmin of center.

Per your procedure, I will again use a level to get the Park5 position
exactly right, instead of nudging close enough. :-)

What I don't understand is why/how the mount got so confused about its
position. Its site coordinates, clock, LST, and time zone are still
correct. But the RA/Dec and Alt/Az are way off.

If the Park5 procedure is the only way to recover, I can easily do that
tomorrow (rain later today).

--- Mike

Roland Christen

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