Oops! Powered-ff mount while still connected

Mike Dodd

Last night I had occasion to check my 1200's pointing accuracy. I followed the standard procedure:

1. Connect with APJog
2. Park to Park5
3. Level both axes, tighten clutches
4. Unpark from last parked
5. Park to Alt/Az (0, 90 -- due east) to confirm my normal park position

It all looked fine, so I went indoors to wait for dark. Then I did this remotely from inside the house:

1. Connect SkyX
2.Unpark from last parked
3. Slew to a star in SkyX
4. Center the star in MaxIm (crosshairs on) using the driver direction buttons
5. Sync in SkyX (driver has "use recal for sync" turned on
6. Start ACP, connect scope, run my pointing plan

Everything went fine, and pointing was very accurate. Then I began to shut down the observatory. I disconnected the scope in ACP, and did the other things necessary.

The final step was to kill power to the mount. That's when I discovered SkyX and APJog were still running. So I powered-up the mount again, disconnected SkyX, and reconnected APJog.

The mount was physically still parked in its correct 0/90 Alt/Az position, but the driver showed angles that were totally wrong. When I tried to park to Alt/Az (correct coordinates displayed in the confirmation dialog), the mount began to slew away.I aborted the slew, then used the drivers buttons to move it back.

Using the driver, I reset the mount's time from the PC, but that made no difference in the displayed coordinates.

Finally, I shut off power and went to bed.

QUESTION: What shall I do to recover from this situation?

I can try parking in Park5, but what if it ends up in the wrong position? The clutches haven't been loosened since I leveled it in Park5 yesterday.

Thanks for all advice.

--- Mike

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