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It seems like The Sky X is that platform but I cannot get it to connect to the mount. 
SkyX connects to the mount via the ASCOM driver. You need to set SkyX up to connect to ASCOM mount. Make sure that the ASCOM driver is connected to an appropriate COM port. Use the computer's Device Manager to find the available com port and set up the ASCOM driver to connect to that com port.


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I’m new to APCC and have been working my way around the program. I did browse the manual. I see the section where I can enter coordinates to slew to a target in APCC and I am able to grossly find targets this way  but I would like a point and click solution with a high degree of refinement in target selection. My end goal is astrophotography so having integrated functionality is key. 

I tether my mount via Ethernet. I use a DSLR which connects to Backyard Nikon via usb. As soon as I get this sorted I’ll be adding a Lodestar Pro guide camera, QHY 163M camera, Starlight Xpress filter wheel, and eventually a  Nitecrawler focuser; all incrementally.

I have both The Sky X and Starry Night. I’m looking for the easiest way to get point an click slewing functionality in a platform which easily lends itself to AstroPhotography. It seems like The Sky X is that platform but I cannot get it to connect to the mount. 

Is there any type of workflow or tutorial which walks someone through this process? I thought I would ask here before calling in.

Thank you in advance,

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