Re: Mount Status Not Updating in MaxIm DL Observatory Control Window

M Hambrick

Hi Ray

Thanks for weighing in on this issue. I guess my question to you is whether you know of any reason why the mount status would stop being sent to MaxIm DL. The folks at Diffraction Limited say that this is not a MaxIm problem. Roland's comment suggests that it is not an APCC problem because he experienced the same kind of problems when running from just the ASCOM Driver.

I am going to try to set everything up indoors later today to see if I can reproduce the problem. However, I can describe as best as I can remember the steps and observations that I made when this happened. I have a few screen shots.

  1. Connected the camera USB cables and ethernet cable from the mount to my laptop
  2. Powered up the mount
  3. Launched APCC and connected to the mount (using ethernet cable peer to peer) - successful connection
  4. Connected to the AP-V2 Driver - successful connection
  5. Checked virtual port from ASCOM V2 Telescope Driver - Got the Mount found message
  6. Launched MaxIm DL. Connected to the cameras and started cooling
  7. Opened the Observatory Control in MaxIm DL and connected to the telescope (Astro-Physics GTO V2 Mount) - successful
  8. Opened the Catalog tab in the MaxIm Observatory Control window and searched for M57. Clicked on GoTo button and the mount slewed to M57.
  9. Searched in the Catalog tab for Vega. At this time the GoTo button was greyed out. The Telescope status indicated that MaxIm thought that the mount was still slewing when in fact it was in the normal tracking mode (see screen shots below from the other night).
  10. Note that the Mount status in APCC and the AP-V2 Telescope Driver looked OK
  11. I disconnected the mount from MaxIm (with dificulty since MaxIM thought the mount was still moving) and reconnected it. The mount status in MaxIm appeared to be normal (in the tracking mode). From APCC I then parked the mount. There is a screen shot below that shows the status in MaxIm after the mount was parked.

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