Clean out your old APCC Logs

Chris White

I use a minix computer from a few years ago and it's got a small hard drive on it with an M2 add on for my image download.  The main hard drive has been getting closer and closer to full and I couldnt figure out why.  A couple of nights ago I lost an imaging session because it finally got too full.  All the normal tricks with disk cleanup and windows search deletion couldnt get me more than a couple hundred megabytes.  I was blaming it on Windows update and was basically ready to toss the thing out and get a new PC. 

Bill Long told me to take a look at my APCC Pro Log folder and I was shocked to find that I had almost a year of logs totaling 5GB!  I deleted these and it's like my PC has a new lease on life 

To Ray:  Would it be possible to have these auto-delete after say 30 days?  I assume that there is not much use for logs unless you encounter a current issue and need to access.  Something that was working fine 30 days ago shouldn't be much use, no?

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