Re: Auto meridian flips with SGP

Tom Zepf

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 07:51 AM, Ray Gralak wrote:

Hi Tom,


Of course, APCC will do that using the settings shown in your screenshots. You have not set non-zero values for "Flip Offset" and "Flip Offset Padding".

OK, I misunderstood the UI. I saw the checkbox for "Limit to Meridian" above the "Flip Offset" and "Flip Offset Padding" and assumed it needed to be checked for those values to take effect. But then it would not have achieved what I wanted, so I didn't adjust the values. I now see they are disconnected and just happen to be (nearly) lined up vertically. Good grief, sorry!

 Flip Offset essentially moves the flip point sent to SGPro, so that SGPro has time to complete an image before the mount reaches the actual meridian limit. Typically you want to set the Flip Offset to the maximum duration of the image, plus a couple of extra minutes.

Ah, this language would be very helpful in the help file! I read the help file a dozen times, but had a hard time understanding what it was trying to say for "Flip Offset" and "Send Limit to SGPro".

Perhaps also something to the effect of "Minutes Past Meridian to Flip will be adjusted in SGPro Meridian Flip Options" might also help in the wording for "Send Limits to SGPro". After I finally figured out that was the value being adjusted, it all made much more sense.

 Maybe it would help if you took a look at the help page for Meridian Limits. You can click the "?" icon in the upper right corner of the "Operations" group box, as shown in this screenshot (info has not been added for “Flip Padding” yet):

Believe me, I did, but somehow it did not make sense to me. Probably something to do with "The Fog of Astrophotography" and not enough sleep and a frozen brain. It makes sense to me now, thanks for the help!


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