Re: Auto meridian flips with SGP

Tom Zepf

On Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 08:46 AM, Ray Gralak wrote:
Hi Tom,

I tried the latest Beta and I still had the same race condition issues, but there's a good chance I just didn't
configure things. correctly.
Exactly, what configuration settings did you use? I can't correct or promote the software to a release version without logs and settings information. Just saying it didn't work is not going to help! :-)


I've zipped up log files and screen shots showing the configuration settings. You can find them here:

From what I can tell, if you have APCC send the limits to SGPro, it basically runs things right up to the wire, and SGPro shows a flip time that is within seconds of what APCC thinks is the limit where it will stop tracking. I made these logs with Simulation gear (bad weather for a few days ahead), but with real gear, what seems to happen is something like this:
  1. APCC adjusts the Meridian Flip settings in SGPRo erasing any delay or fudge factor that might have been in the SGPro settings before. See Showing-SGPro-Adjusted-Meridian-Flip-Options.png for details.
  2. If Guiding is still going on, APCC halts Tracking before SGPro gets a chance to flip, so PHD2 throws an error, the sequence stops, and end of sequence steps are initiated before SGPro gets a chance to flip.
What I have, is a way to make this work with "shallow" hard-wired "flip within a degree or two of the meridian at all declinations". See the settings earlier in the thread for that. But I don't get the "deep" counterweight up flips that would be nice.

What I think I need, is a configuration that allows for the travel into the counterweight up position if declination and meridian limits allow it, but I cannot figure out how to do that with the knobs I've tried turning.

Ray, have you tried this with the latest Beta and SGPro and gotten it to work? If so, I'd love to see your settings so I could give it a try. :-)



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