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Roland Christen

That is amazing ;^))


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Hello all, 

I recently purchase a second hand Mach1 from a member here who assured me was in perfect condition….well let me tell you, that was an understatement!  

I’ve been waiting patiently for a PlaneWave CDK 12.5 and on the prowl for an appropriate horse for it to ride. After speaking with George, he said the Mach1 should be up for it.  He told me precisely all the appropriate goodies I needed since it was just the mount.  Well my new chunk of American made awesomeness arrived on Thursday and I made a beeline to Cherry Springs Pa for the weekend with some friends.  In similar fashion to AP thoroughness, the PW came with every single detail attended to, including all the adapters for my specific camera. 

Well after reading the daily Mach2 torture test emails, I can attest that this 10year old mount is still a straight up rockstar!  60lbs of ‘scope and stuff’ she was a tracking machine!!   Fortunately a friend had an extra weight since apparently I didn’t have quite enough, and this was still a tiny bit ‘scope heavy’. 

Roland, George, Team AP all around….positively amazing piece of gear. I am proud to be an owner of an AP mount for sure!!  


Michael Kelly

PS, thank you Patrick Spencer!

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