east/west Plate solving with an SCT

david w pearson

Does any one have any experience plate solving with a SCT?   In my case a 12" Meade.
If i plate solve east of the meridian, then pointing east of the meridian is good, but not west of the meridian.
If i then plate solve west of the meridian, plate solve takes 5-10 minutes,  and then west pointing is good and east pointing is bad.
Seems like mirror flop?    However, mirror lock is turned and locked.
I found an old Meade forum called "MAPUG" from 2006 that discusses mirror flop and how to improve the mirror lock mechanism.
Also i found a discussion that mirror lock really only locks the mirror if the mirror is within the shipping position zone. 
If while focusing during use, the mirror is moved beyond the mirror lock "shipping" zone, then the mirror lock doesn't work.
this would explain my issue.....but is it true?

Any hints or experience would be appreciated.


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