Error in APCC pro reading RA encoder on Mach2 #appc #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

A few items on APCC Pro on Mach2.      This weekend I've gotten a couple of error messages that says "Error Reading RA encoder".   The temperature is in the 30s, so not very cold and when I get the error message the globe screen in APCC flashes Red and will not let me either see or clear the error.     When I click on the button above the globe to view errors, the error log screen will not come up.   I've tried the log menu as well, same thing.    In one case the mount continued to work fine and I just put up with this red flashing box for the rest of the session and was able to clear the error only after disconnecting APCC, shutting down and restarting APCC.     In the other situation it seems the mount became unresponsive to commands to move from SGP so I had to shut down everything, including performing a power cycle on the mount.     I've run into this a couple of times where APCC does not allow me to see the errors or bring up the log file via APCC.

The second item, albeit minor, is that many times I notice the globe does not represent the park position accurately when starting APCC.     It shows the red dot at the bottom of the north south vertical axis rather that at the north pole position.    Since I have my mount local to me, it's not a big deal,  but does seem like some kind of bug.    The 3D view always shows the mount accurately whenever I check it.    I am running the latest versions of software.

Lastly, when I have an error I can't clear, I notice I can't shut down normally either.   With all ASCOM devices disconnected, the ASCOM driver does not shut down.   

My log file from last night which should include the RA encoder read error:


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