Re: Auto meridian flips with SGP

Tom Zepf

On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 12:02 PM, Marcelo Figueroa wrote:
The latest beta version of APCC allows to set a time window for the flip so that SGP can run it without conflict between the two. Personally I have not tested it, I am waiting for the final version (not beta).
In the meantime I simply disable the meridian limits option in APCC and let SGP do it all on its own, it works perfect.
I tried the latest Beta and I still had the same race condition issues, but there's a good chance I just didn't configure things correctly.

I didn't want to run without a fail-safe tracking stop enforced by the mount (APCC) - I like to have two sets of controls for things that can damage my equipment, so I've gone this route. I setup my iOptron mount the same way - the mount fail-safe stopped at 2 degrees, but I had SGP flip at 1 degree past the meridian. I'm probably just paranoid, that's all!

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