Re: Mach2 with CP five jiggling while tracking


Here’s the video of the oscillation in RA.  It’s kinda short.  I’d like to acquire more data/info for troubleshooting.  

Btw… this Mach2 is unguided.   In this case it is almost like the goto for the moon overshoots a bit.. then corrects and the correction overshoots, and it continues. 

Back in September I had a similar problem when doing the gotos while building the model.   The image would have short lines for the stars.  Not all points in the model had this problem , but I didn’t see any pattern such as close the horizon , specific part of the sky, etc. 

I’m not using any auto guiding with the Mach2.  (Been thinking about it for longer exposures tho.)

At the time, I was using the latest APPC etc. (I don’t have the version handy — it’s on the other computer, but can get it if needed.)


On Nov 7, 2021, at 11:27 AM, Jeffc via <jeffcrilly@...> wrote:

I have the same issue.   

I found if I slightly imbalance the RA (move counterweights down) the problem is mitigated.   Also fwiw I’m using a 12” SCT which I think is just at the limit of the Mach2. 

However, I discovered this back in late September and have only had the mount out for a short session in October.  

During the October session I was trying to image the moon.  I did a goto to the moon, then noticed on the live video the moon flopping back and forth.   I had the patio lights on and could see the RA oscillating a few degrees.   I tried to capture this on a smartphone video but it’s not noticeable. 

I’ll upload a video of the moon flopping when I find it.  

(I had some conversation with Roland on this but I haven’t followed up on my part as I wanted to gather more info.)


On Nov 7, 2021, at 9:44 AM, Allen Ruckle <aruckle@...> wrote:

Last night while setting up my telescope for Astro photography I noticed, while trying to calibrate PhD 2,  I noticed the stars were short dashes in the east west axis. I had started the telescope up using the V2 ASCOM driver and I had started PhD, as I started PhD2 looping I noticed all the stars in the frame were dashes which I then tried to calibrate to see if that would alleviate the problem, however it would calibrate on the dashes as if they were stars.
      I then checked the image  from the main camera, the stars seem to be jumping back-and-forth. I then connected the hand controller to see if that would calm anything down, no luck, so all I could do to proceed by turning off the APV 2 ASCOM driver and PhD 2 and run the telescope unguided, under only the control of the hand pad.

it was as if the tracking was the result of two systems fighting for control.

has anyone seen this issue before with the Mach2 p, and corrected the problem.

thank you for any help you can provide

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