Re: APPM Model sanity check (suggestion)

Dale Ghent wrote:

So I created a new sequencer instruction for my AP mount plugin for NINA called "Create Dec Arc Model". It will get the RA and dec of the current target and have APPM create a model plan based on that info. You would place this instruction at the start of a target's run so that a dec-arc model is created and put in place prior to getting down to business.
Now that's intriguing. Your prior one, to build a whole sky model automates a function I would do infrequently enough building manually was no real task. But this sounds short enough to include, especially in the early part of the evening before full dark, and build a target specific one and just do it routinely.

This cooperative effort between NINA and APPM is starting to look even better.

On a related note, last night I ran about 9 points of the verify with pointing/tracking on and off against an old model. It was a bit of a mixed bag... most points were substantially further off in the "off" mode (like 0.9" vs 0.3" as kind of an eyeball estimate), but a few were slightly worse with the model on. Bear in mind the model was made weeks ago on a portable rig, so the whole idea was to see if it remained valid, so the answer may be a definite "sort of maybe" and "needs a better test run". I was in a hurry last night.

Some night with a lot of moon or other reason not to image, I may build a much larger model to test against, but really for how I image, Dale's automation and Ray's Dec Arc may be a much more elegant solution. Generally I do not need to know about the whole sky, just a tiny portion of it.

(Skeptic in me has to add: if I even need that, guided accuracy is so good, this all may be moot; those that do not guide YMMV).


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