Re: Auto meridian flips with SGP

Tom Zepf

I have struggled with this a great deal as well. This may not the best configuration for your circumstance, but the following screenshots of APCC and SGPro settings work reliably for me now.

I could be off-base, but I believe *not* checking the box to send updates to SGPro and allowing counterweight up slews were what finally got this working. There seems to be some sort of race condition I could never work around.

In my case, I am using a meridian limits file I tweaked in an editor to just be a simple 2 degree limit east and west, but this should work with any set of limits. Be aware, if you aren't, that SGPro cannot do a meridian flip "underneath" the pole. But this configuration is rare and will cause the scope to stop tracking in that case, so it should fail safe.

I did spend a great deal of time using the very useful ASCOM Sky Simulator to debug this in daylight hours.

Good luck and clear skies!


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