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Hi Linwood

Based on my experience, i think you can safely reuse the model from nigh to night, you just need to solve and recal your pointing position

There is a built-in sort of check in APPM where you can skip model building and just assess the results. I am not in front of my computer so I can't tell you the details there

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The discussion on refreshing reminds me to ask this.

I set up and tear down nightly, but fairly precisely in the same setup (example: I usually land within 5' of polar aligned after I put things together). 

I have built a nice model of the sky, but for just time constraints (and I guide) I do not build a new model each night, and because I worry the model is no longer good, I generally do not use one at all. 

I know that APPM has a verify process, that will check each model point for consistency (presumably to flush out equipment variability that may be invalidating it from run to run). 

Would it be possible to have a similar process, perhaps a "model sanity check", which would take 10% (or some specified number of model points), and check just those.  The idea is to see if your model is still good but in far less time than a complete verify run (which basically takes the same time it would to build a model). 

I am not sure how to interpret it, but some kind of correlation calculation could tell you if it looks good or bad, and is worth using.  The idea is spending 10 minutes to validate a fairly large model rather than 60-90 minutes to build a new one.

Or... am I just crazy to consider reusing a model after a tear down and reassembly? 



Brian Valente

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